Hard Riddles For Kids With Answers Can You Clues Them

Hard Riddles For Kids With Answers

Riddles benefit children’s brain development in many ways, including expanding their vocabulary, making them laugh, and giving them an opportunity to teach others. Riddles will challenge and develop your child’s thinking in a whole new way! This is a great way to help them develop abstract thinking. Do you like to exercise your brain?

Do this in your spare time by solving fun and challenging Riddles for kids. Also, challenging Riddles with answers is a fun pastime for kids and adults alike. So, wait no more. Explore them now and you will find that it is an ideal activity for your free time. Try solving the Riddles below and check your answer to see how many of them you can get right.

Hard Riddles For Kids With Answers

Riddle Numbers 1:

When I get loose, I fly away, never cursed as I go astray.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 2:

With my pair, I should be, but I’m usually alone, you see because a monster always eats me. Do you know what I should be?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 3:

shifting, shifting, drifting. Great and powerful cities sleep beneath me. Wandering, wandering, all around. I am only where there is no water.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 4:

What is the thing that the giver has kept?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 5:

The stack can only be sent everywhere. It’s full of what’s new, but it’s almost obsolete.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 6:

When I am young I am tall and when I am old I am short. What am I?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 7:

I am as light as a feather, but the strongest man can’t stop me for more than 5 minutes. What am I?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 8:

Sometimes I am light, sometimes I am dark. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 9:

I have a hundred legs but can’t stand, my neck is long but my head is not. I eat the life of a maid. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 10:

I can sesame like bacon, I’m made of eggs, my spine is enough, but not a good leg. I peel the layers like an onion but still remain whole. I can be as tall as a flagpole but still, fit in a hole. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 11:

I build forts. I tear the mountains apart. I make some men blind. I help others see. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 12:

What is it that you always have but you always leave behind?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 13:

What is the thing that sheds tears without grief and travels to heaven?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 14:

Born at the same time in the world, destined to live as long as the world, and yet never five weeks. what’s this?

Riddle Answer:

The Moon.

Hard Riddles For Kids With Answers Can You Clues Them

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Hard Riddles For Kids With Answers

Riddle Numbers 15:

I have never been, always will be, no one has ever seen me and never will be, and yet I am the confidence of all to survive and breathe on this ground ball. who am I?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 16:

It is millions of years old, but never more than a month old. what’s this?

Riddle Answer:

The moon.

Riddle Numbers 17:

I can’t be bought, I can’t be sold, even if I’m sometimes made of gold. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 18:

I am an English word consisting of 3 consecutive double letters. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 19:

It stands on one leg whose heart is in the head. what’s this?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 20:

As your thoughts grow, I shrink. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 21:

I am a mother of a family of eight. I walk all day despite my weight. He had a ninth brother before it was discovered to be fake. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 22:

Inside a great blue castle lives a shy maid. She is ashamed in the morning and does not come out at night.

Riddle Answer:

The sun.

Riddle Numbers 21:

I stand tall and made of steel, I have a baguette and garlic on my heel. I like red, white and blue, but obviously not as much as you. I’m a marvel to everyone, though I’m a marvel to some! What am i

Riddle Answer:

Eiffel Tower.

Riddle Numbers 22:

This is a game played by serious people on a global scale.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 23:

The force of the dagger on my own heart. Commands the way I’m drowning. I stand to the left, and to the right, leaning toward the rotation of the blade.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 24:

buried deep, piled on rocks, my brain will always dig bones

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 25:

This small creature kills even the largest creature.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 26:

Never rest, never be silent. Silently moving from hill to hill. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t run, it doesn’t move. Where it is not, everything is cold.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 27:

Its tail is round and hollow and it looks like it has been chewed a little bit, but you will hardly see this thing till the other end is bright.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Numbers 28:

He who creates does not tell. The one who takes it does not know. He who knows it does not want it. What am i

Riddle Answer:


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