Math Riddles with Answers For Adults Can You Solve This

Math Riddles For Adults With Answers

Riddles and maths are part of our life. Who says mind-bending logic riddles are just for kids? If you’re one of those people looking for fun, engaging, and sometimes mind-bending math riddles and brain teasers designed specifically for adults, grab a pen and paper and a challenge. Get ready! You don’t have to be a math whiz to challenge yourself with these riddles.

Math Riddles with Answers For Adults Can You Solve This

Easy Math Riddles For Adults

Riddle Number 1:

How many times does the long hand of the clock pass through the shorthand between midnight one day and midnight the next day? Since both hands are together at the beginning of midnight, it does not count as a pass.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 2:

How can you correct the following equation by just drawing a straight line: 5 + 5 + 5 = 550 Can you guess it?

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 3:

There are two ways to do this: A. A. Draw a line on the first plus sign to convert it to 4. Convert the equivalent symbol to the cross-out equivalent symbol which means “not equal”.

Which number do you get when you multiply all the numbers on the telephone number pad?

Riddle Answer:

Zero, because any number multiplied by 0 is always equal to 0.

Riddle Number 4:

You go to the doctor because you are sick, and he prescribes you three pills and tells you to take them every half hour. How long do pills last you?

Riddle Answer:

One hour because it doesn’t take 30 minutes to take the first pill.

Riddle Number 5:

How many days are there in 4 years?

Riddle Answer:

The answer is 1461, because (365 x 4) + 1.

Riddle Number 6:

when I was 22 the day before and 21 years old. As it is now the new year, I will be 23 this year and 24 next year. If it were two hours later, it would be as long as midnight, just as it would be an hour later. what time is it now?

Riddle Answer:

At 9 p.m.

Riddle Number 7:

If there are four apples and you take three, how many do you have?

Riddle Answer:

You took three apples, so you have three!

Riddle Number 8:

A 300-foot-long train travels at 300 feet per minute. It must pass through a 300-foot-long tunnel. How long will it take for the train to pass through the tunnel?

Riddle Answer:

Two minutes. The front of the train takes one minute, and the rest of the train will take two minutes to clear the tunnel.

Riddle Number 9:

The total cost of a cell phone and a phone case is $ 110. A cell phone costs $ 100 more than a phone case. How much was the cell phone?

Riddle Answer:

$ 105 (not $ 110)

Hard Math Riddles For Adults

Riddle Number 10:

I am a three-digit number. My second digit is four times larger than the third digit. My first digit is three less than my second digit. who am I?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 11:

There are 100 pairs of dogs in the zoo. For each dog, there is a pair of puppies. Unfortunately, 23 of the dogs did not survive. How many dogs are left tomorrow?

Riddle Answer:

977 dogs / Explanation: 100 x 2 = 200; 200 + 800 = 1,000; 1,000 – 23 = 977

Riddle Number 12:

During shipping, Tom can hold 10 small boxes or eight large boxes in a carton. A total of 96 boxes were sent in one shipment. The number of small cells was less than the number of large cells. What is the total number of cartons he sent?

Riddle Answer:

11 cartons / Explanation: Four small boxes (410 = 40 boxes) + seven large boxes (78 = 56 boxes). So, 96 boxes and 11 total cartons.

Riddle Number 13:

You are given three positive numbers. You can add these numbers and multiply them together. The result you get will be the same. What are the numbers?

Riddle Answer:

One, two, and three.

Riddle Number 14:

If a hen lays one and a half eggs in a day and a half, how many eggs do half a dozen hens lay in half a dozen days?

Riddle Answer:

Two dozen

Riddle Number 15:

What can you put between seven and eight so that the result is greater than seven but less than eight?

Riddle Answer:

One decimal because 7.8 is greater than seven but less than eight.

Riddle Number 16:

Tom was asked to paint the number outside 100 apartments, which means he would have to paint from number one to 100. How many times does he have to paint the number eight?

Riddle Answer:

20 times / Explanation: (8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 98)

Riddle Number 17:

How many times can you subtract 25 from five?

Riddle Answer:

Only once. This is because the first time you subtract five, 25 becomes 20, then 15, and so on.

Riddle Number 18:

Who is overweight, 16 ounces of soda or a pound of solid gold?

Riddle Answer:

No. Both weigh the same!

Riddle Number 19:

You have two American coins, the total value of which is 30 cents. Not one of them is out. What are two coins?

Riddle Answer:

There is a quarter, and there is a nickel.

Riddle Number 20:

Eggs are 12 cents per dozen. How many eggs can get for a dollar?

Riddle Answer:

100 eggs for one penny

Riddle Number 21:

A duck was given $ 9, a spider $ 36, and a bee $ 27. How much will a cat be paid based on this information?

Riddle Answer:

$ 18 (4.50 per leg)

Riddle Number 22:

I have a barrel of wine and your job is to get a gallon out of it. Can I give you a five-gallon container and a three-gallon container? How can you help me?

Riddle Answer:

First, fill the 3-gallon container with alcohol. After that, you have to move it to a 5-gallon container. Then refill the 3-gallon container and transfer the wine to the 5-gallon container until it is full. 1 gallon of wine left in a 3-gallon container.

Riddle Number 23:

William has a toaster with 2 slots. So he can toast one of the two loaves at a time, which takes 1 minute. He wanted to make 3 pieces of toast for his breakfast. What is the minimum time required to do this?

Riddle Answer:

3 minutes! First, he can put two loaves of bread in the toaster. After 1 minute, toast each of the 2 loaves. Then he can turn one part of the bread over and take out the other. And he can put the third piece of bread in the empty space of the toaster. After the second minute, he can take out the completely toasted bread and turn it over. Then place the half-toasted bread in the free space for fresh side toast. After 3 minutes, all 3 pieces of bread are toasted.

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