What’s The Story of the Popularity Of Apple Inc.

What’s The Story of the Popularity Of Apple Inc.?

When we talk about a brand that has more cash than the US govt. what is the first flash in our mind that lightened the name Apple inc? Apple is such a brand; we imagined that if it is a country then it also placed economically at 5th ranked after America, China, Japan, and Germany.

It is among the world’s most recognizable and valuable brands and it has grown from a tiny computer upstart with roughly 500 retail stores in prime locations workplace investors know Apple as a wealth-generation machine whose performance of the best stock of all time. I think that Apple‘s worldwide success is an interesting case study. When, how, and why it becomes a popular company? We talk about its foundation.

What’s The Story of the Popularity Of Apple Inc.

An American multinational company that provides service in consumer electronics, software, and online services headquartered in Cupertino, California, United States. It is a leading brand in the tech field. it is become the largest company by revenue in 2021. it become 2nd largest brand in the world by market capitalization the fourth-largest personal computer vendor by unit sales and the second-largest mobile phone manufactory in 2022.

I was founded on April 1, 1976; 46 years ago in Los Altos, California, U.S. Its founders were, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Apple provides worldwide service. Now Apple has 519 retail stores in the world. Now that’s time for Tim Cook as Apple CEO, Arthur D.ladruson as Chairman, and Jeff Williams as COO of the 154,000 employees working at Apple in 2021. Now Apple is not only a big company, but it is also a very profitable and valuable company in its field. Berkshire Hathaway’s the owner of Apple with a 5.56% Market Share.

The data list of Apple is;-

Revenue US$365.82 billion (2021)

Operating income US$108.95 billion (2021)

Net income US$94.68 billion (2021)

Total assets US$351.02 billion (2021)

Total equity US$63.09 billion (2021) (By Wikipedia )

What’s The Story of the Popularity Of Apple Inc.

What’s the Journey of Hitting $3 Trillion

Apple was founded as Apple Computer Company on April 1, 1976, by Ste Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. They lunch their first product Wozniak’s personal computer. Apple was run by Jobs and Wozniak as Apple Computer, Inc. in 1977, then the company lunch in the market their next computer the Apple II. Which became a best seller? After, sometimes Steve Jobs and Wozniak left Apple Inc. due to some issues. After this Steve Jobs started a new company name NEXT.

But several years after Steve Jobe return to Apple Inc. and become CEO. He gave a boost to Apple Inc. and he made it a more valuable brand. Steve announced at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco that Apple Inc expand its business and launched its first iPhone.Then Apple Computer Inc. changed into Apple Inc.

Because it is entered the market of consumer electronics. Then Steve Jobe takes leave from his job due to his health problem. After 2 months Steve Jobs died and Tim Cook become CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook makes a company more strong and more profitable.

Therefore, Apple inc. hit $ 1 trillion in 2018, continuously it id hitting its progress, then in 2020,

hitting the $2trillion, becoming the first company that has $2trillion in American history.Now it has achieved a $3 trillion valuation by iPhone 13 pro max in January 2022.

What’s The Story of the Popularity Of Apple Inc.

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Surprising Facts about Apple Inc.

⦁ Apple Inc. changed its logo three times in history.

⦁ A very shocking fact about Apple Inc is that the apple MacBook retina display is manufactured by Samsung which is a very famous competitor of Apple Inc

⦁ One of the other surprising facts about Apple is that in 1986 launched a clothing line, named “ The Apple Collection”.

⦁ iPod does not have a calculator app.

⦁ Apple’s third co-founder Ronald Wayne had 10% shares which he sold for $60 Billion. (Source: CNBC).

⦁ It is not a secret that one in every three engineers at Apple is Indian.

⦁ The name of the iPod was inspired by the movie “A Space Odyssey” which was released in 2001.

⦁ Apple is worth more than the entire Russian stoking market. (Source: Forbes)

In fact, In 1997 Apple’s Financial condition was so bad that Dell CEO and founder Michael Dell said that if he were in Jobs’s shoes, he’d shut it down and give the money back to Shareholders.

Changed everything: iPhone

There are hundreds of different types of smartphones on the market made by brands such as Samsung, LG, Hawae, OPPO, Xiaomi, Tecno, and, of course, Apple. While today’s smartphone market is highly competitive, someone did get their first which was Apple with their iPhone.When Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, cell phones were a 1.15 billion-unit- per year industry dominated by Nokia. It first hit stores in 2007, and people went crazy and they still do every year when a new model is released.

Still, the first iPhone completely changed what people thought a phone could be and it launched a revolution that is still very much going on today some of the features of the first iPhone included: For modern iPhone users, these features probably seem rather basic and uninteresting, yet at the iPhone. They were truly groundbreaking and set in motion the smartphone revolution of the modern era, and helped us get where we are today.

Apple. inc is launching different versions with slight differences, the last iPhone 13 and iPhone13pro launched in September 24, 2021, iPhone 14? It is completely changed our world and Apple. inc latest devices have hardly done the same it’s hard to imagine what life would look like without the iPhone.

Success in China

Apple’s success in the west is unprecedented. In USA, Uk, Canada, and elsewhere, its product is sought after. Moreover, Fans eagerly await every new product lunch. Understanding why Apple become so popular in China requires many thinkable factors. Because China is an independent country in the tech field. In China, making an impact as a foreign company is notoriously difficult, as Amazon is one of the biggest names to fail. Why has Apple enjoyed success in the world’s largest country by population?

One of the big factors is simple_ Apple understood Chinese consumers’ needs. In 2015, China Market Research Group Founder Shaun Rein (NBC) pointed to how Apple found success with iPhone 6: “Most people don’t have TVs in their homes here, and the young Chinese user their mobile phone for everything_ to watch movies, talk to others and play video games, so having that big screen was critically important.”

Beyond that, the company also saw China as an opportunity to tap into economic growth. China’s middle class is growing significantly and has freedom. Therefore, many citizens have higher purchasing power now. Apple not only offers a product that worked. Its products are also viewed as a status symbol in many symbols in many countries, which is also true in China.


What Makes Apple Different though from everyone else? First, think about Apple’s success, we want to know is that what things make Apple inc. different from other tech companies. Why and how it grows differently in this field. Here the answer is that Apple didn’t stumble onto success by accident. From its early days, the company made very clear out it aims to impact the world.

Apple is the only tech company that has mastered hardware and software at the highest level. The second thing does that understand the user’s needs. Apple is not the only company that launched its products according to the user’s needs but its services are trustable to users. It creates consumer trust.

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