Top 6 Best Cities for Start Businesses and Startups in Pakistan

Top 6 Best Cities for Start Businesses and Startups in Pakistan 2022

Pakistan is a South Asian country. Pakistan has more than 220 million population. It has 63% youngest population. Pakistan is in the 5th position in the world ranking, in 2022. Pakistan has massive potential for growth and development with a 4% GDP growth rate. Pakistan becomes the fastest growing country in South Asia region after some economic crises which are very good for Pakistan.

Pakistan’s markets for startups and investors offer internet-based services similar to those in other parts of the world. These services include ride-hailing, food, grocery delivery, and so on. In a few years, Pakistan shows very growth in their startup ecosystem because 80% of youth want to start their own business.

We can easily guess that Pakistan’s startup ecosystem has the potential to grow by this “The total funding in Pakistani startups in 2020 was only USD$65 million and this funding increases five times in 2021 by USD $350 million”. The Pakistani startup ecosystem is on 2nd rank in South Asia and 76th in the world according to the 2022 report of Startup Blink.

Now Pakistani government makes some new policies for more foreign investment and growth in startups and business ecosystems of Pakistan. Let’s start the talk about the top best cities in Pakistan for starting businesses and startups.

Top 6 Best Cities for Start Businesses and Startups in Pakistan

6 Best Cities for Start Businesses and Startups


Karachi is 1st largest city in Pakistan and the 12th in the world. It is a major industrial and financial centre with a GDP of USD$164Billion (PPP) in 2019. Karachi serves as a transport hub and has two biggest ports in Pakistan. Pakistan’s busiest Airport is Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. Karachi generates approximately 20% of the total GDP of Pakistan and approximately 20% of industrial output is from Karachi.

The biggest shopping mall (Lucky One Mall) in south Asia is in Karachi. Karachi is the financial hub of Pakistan and at 1st position in the national startup ranking; it gets this position by Lahore which second major financial city of Pakistan. Karachi ranked in the top ten startup hubs in South Asia in 2022. Expect Karachi and all other cities in the top ten startup hubs to be Indian in the South Asia startups hub ranking in 2022.

Globally Karachi lost five points in 2022 and rank at 291th globally. The top industries of Karachi are e-commerce & retail, Transportation and Marketing & Sales. Some famous startups of Karachi are Debrid, King International Seafood, Dawaai, Dastgyr Tecgnikigues,bykea and Bagallery etc.


Lahore is 2nd largest financial hub of Pakistan after Karachi. It is 2nd largest city in Pakistan and the 26th largest city in the world by its population. The GDP of Lahore was $84Billion in 2019. Lahore is contributing 11.5% of Pakistan’s GDP. Lahore is the largest Software & hardware producing centre and includes a growing computer assembling industry. Lahore is the hub of book publication.

It has 80% of Pakistan‘s books are published in only Lahore. Lahore dropped 48 spots in 2022 and ranked at 305th position globally. The top industries in Lahore are Health, Education and e-commerce & retail. Some famous startups of Lahore are bookme,,, Airlift Technologies, Tajir, Zarya App,, Edkasa, and byte etc.


Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and a beautiful capital city of the world. It is contributing 1% of Pakistan’s GDP. Islamabad has a Stock Exchange which is the third largest stock exchange in Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore’s stock exchange. According to the World Bank’s Doing Business report of 2010, Islamabad has ranked as the best place for starting a business.

Islamabad is the biggest hub of IT and Software companies in Pakistan. The Islamabad capital of Pakistan ranked at 3rd Position by national ranking after Karachi and Lahore. Islamabad has the 20th position in South Asia and the 438th position in the world by the ranking of startups for 2022. Some top industries of Islamabad are Fintech and e-commerce & retail and Software & Data. Some famous startups are SadaPay, TAG, JSdevs, Consultants, Playdew, RIPA, Roomy Hotels, Dbank. In the last year, three new startups of software and Data are opened in Islamabad.


Faisalabad is 3rd largest city in Pakistan and 2nd largest in Punjab, Pakistan. Its GDP was $43Billion in 2013. Faisalabad has become the hub of industries and other businesses because it is in the centre of Punjab and well connected by rails, roads and air transportation with other cities of Pakistan.

Its GDP is projected $85Billion in 2025 with a 5.7% growth rate. Faisalabad lonely contributes over 10% to Punjab’s GDP. Faisalabad is an industrial city known as Manchester in Pakistan. Faisalabad is ranking at 4thposition, 46th position in South Asia and 1077th position in the world. Some of the top industries of Faisalabad are Marketing & Sales, Software & Data and Fintech.

Some famous startups of Faisalabad are DigiKhata, C4Changer, Patati, WifiGen and AdBira Network. Faisalabad is the third most popular city in Pakistan. Faisalabad is a major producer of cotton and silk textiles, hosiery, dyes, industrial chemical, beverages, agricultural equipment and ghee. Faisalabad is a city of entrepreneurs. It has more than 100 small and medium IT services companies.


Rawalpindi is 3rd largest city in Punjab, Pakistan. Rawalpindi is 5th largest city for startups. It is at the 51st rank in south Asia and 1149th rank in the world. The top industries of Rawalpindi are Software & Data, Social & leisure and Hardware & lT. some famous startups in Rawalpindi are, Mad IT House, Globizserve and Sun Robotics.

Rawalpindi is the ideal place to locate Software and Data Social & Leisure and Hardware & IT startups. The main industries of the city include oil refineries, gas processing, steel manufacturing, iron mills, railroad yards, brewery, sawmills, tent factories, textiles, hosiery, pottery, leather goods production, transport and tourism.


Multan is 7th largest city in Pakistan. It is the major cultural and economic centre of Southern Punjab. Multan is the 6th biggest city of startups ecosystem hub in Pakistan. It is at 53rd position in south Asia and 1168th in the world startups Hubs ranking in 2022. Some of the top industries of Multan are Software & Data, Marketing & Sales and Social & Leisure.

Some notable startups of Multan city are Pakinfo PVT LTD, Shoutifyme and SE Software Technologies. Multan is a historical place as well as a hub of commercial and industrial. Cotton, flour mills cosmetics; fertilizers are common industries in Multan. This city is not just blessed by numerous resources or agricultural products but also comprises the most t artistic and skilled people in the world.

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