Tricky Math Riddles For Adults To Boost Your IQ

Tricky Math Riddles For Adults

We have Tricky math riddles for adults, perfect for parties or to use as an icebreaker at work. All riddles provide opportunities for creative thinking and problem-solving. This article concludes with sections on challenging and difficult math riddles.

You may want to start with the easier section in the first section and work your way up to the last section, increasing your skills as you go. Put on your thinking caps and get started! Today’s post shares the 21 most Tricky math riddles for 18+ that are designed to challenge the adult mind.

Tricky Math Riddles For Adults To Boost Your IQ

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Tricky Math Riddles For Adults

Riddle Number 1:
Tom was asked to paint number plates on 100 apartments, which meant he would have to paint numbers 1 to 100. Can you guess how many times it will have to paint number 8?

Riddle Answer:
20 times. (8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 98)

Riddle Number 2:
There are 100 pairs of dogs in the zoo. Two pairs of puppies are born for each dog. Unfortunately, 23 of the dogs did not survive. How many dogs will be left tomorrow?

Riddle Answer:
977 dogs (100 x 2 = 200 ؛ 200 + 800 = 1000 ؛ 1000 – 23 = 977)

Riddle Number 3:
Seven boys meet each other at a party. Each of them shakes hands with the other boys only once. What is the total number of handshakes?

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 4:
Thomas, on his way home, saw some cigarette butts on the ground. He thought of making a cigarette out of these buds and making a 4-bit cigarette. There were 16 cigarette butts on the ground. What is the maximum number of cigarettes he can make?

Riddle Answer:

First, he can make 4 cigarettes from these 16 butts. When he smokes those 4 cigarettes, he will get 4 more bits and he can make another cigarette from it.

Riddle Number 5:

The narrator had two ropes and it took exactly one hour to burn these two ropes from one end to the other. There is no option to cut the rope. So how likely is it that he can burn 2 ropes in just 45 minutes? Solve it.

Riddle Answer:
Light both sides of the first rope with fire so that they start burning with both ends and light the second rope with only one side. In half an hour the first rope will burn completely and the second rope will burn only half. At this particular time, you have to light the other rope from the other side. So the rest of the rope burns in 15 minutes. It takes a total of 45 minutes for the two ropes to burn completely.

Riddle Number 6:
1/2 of 2/3 of 3/4 of 4/5 of 5/6 of 6/7 of 7/8 of 8/9 of 9/10 of 10,000. Can you solve it in one step?

Riddle Answer:
1000! 1/10 out of 10,000 give 1000. (If you multiply all these parts, everything will be canceled and the remainder will be 1/10)

Riddle Number 7:
You have an order: 1 11 21 1211 111221 312211. Can you find the next number in this order?

Riddle Answer:
13112221 (Each number in the sequence is a description of the previous number. If you start with 1, the second number is 11 (one 1), the third number is 21 (two of 1)), the fourth number is 1211 (one). 2, a 1) and so on.

Riddle Number 8:
What will you get,

20+ 30 x 0/1 =?

Riddle Answer:

20 + 30 * 0/1

= 20 + 30 * 0

= 20 + 0

= 20

Riddle Number 9:
It is given, 66 = 2, 0 = 1, 8 = 2, 8321 = 2, 89 = 3, 88 = 4, then 889216 is equal to what?

Riddle Answer:


Easy Tricky Math Riddles For Adults

Riddle Number 10:

Each circle is equal to one. For example, 9 has one circle and 8 has two circles.

Find the missing number.

Riddle Answer:

(6) Six.

Riddle Number 11:

In this statistic, the two opposite numbers are always 21.

Riddle Answer:

15+ 6 = 21

Riddle Number 12:

In the biology exam, one teacher gave one student twelve marks and the other thirteen marks. Can you find out the time using it?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 13:
How can you get 100 using four seven and one?

Riddle Answer:

(7 + 7) * (7+ (1/7)) = 100

Riddle Number 14:
A man is twice as old as his younger sister. He is also half his age. In 50 years, the sister’s age will be half that of her father. What is the age of man now?

Riddle Answer:
He is 50 years old.

Riddle Number 15:
X is a three-digit number. The number of tens is 5 more than their number. The number of hundreds is less than the number of tens. What is X?

Riddle Answer:
No. 194.

Riddle Number 16:
What would be your answer if you divide 100 by half?

Riddle Answer:
100 / half that is, 100 is divided by.
= 100 x 2/1
= 200

Riddle Number 17:
Add 8 4s together to give a total of 500 as the answer?

Riddle Answer:
4 + 4 + 4 + 44 + 444 = 500

Riddle Number 18:
There are 2 books by Raj. One of the books is turned upside down and the other book is rotated so that the upper part of the book is towards Raj. Then what will be the total amount of the first pages of each of these books?

Riddle Answer:

Regardless of the type of book, the first page of every book is page number 1. You 1 + 1 = 2!

Riddle Number 19:

Tom and Peter live in different parts of the city but attend the same high school. Tom Peter left for school 10 minutes before the start and met in a park. Who was near the school when they met?

Riddle Answer:
They are both at the same distance from the school because they met at the same place.

Riddle Number 20:
100 girls attended a party. Eighty-five of them had red bags, 75 of them wore brown shoes, 60 of them wore umbrellas and 90 girls wore rings. How many girls have these four items? 10 Divide by 3. All the girls had three things. Indicates the number of girls with the remaining 4 items.

Riddle Answer:


3 = 100 + 10 left

Riddle Number 21:

The biology teacher gave the students a total of 25 marks. So the teacher gave “Quarter to Two”

Riddle Answer:

This means, 1.45 (two quarters)

Riddle Number 22:

How many eggs can you put in an empty basket of size 2m x 2m?

Riddle Answer:

Only one! After that, the basket is not empty.

Riddle Number 21:

If 1 = 4

2 = 8

3 = 12

4 = ???

Riddle Answer:

Given this, 1 = 4, therefore, 4 = 1

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