25 Tricky Riddles For Kids Brainstorming And Scratching

Tricky Riddles For Kids with Answers

Riddles are a great way to develop the thinking skills of young children. Not only do kids have tons of fun Riddles to solve, but they also learn a variety of new skills. When considering tricky Riddles with answers for your child, think about how their brain works. But you don’t want to insult your child’s intelligence by giving them Riddles that are too easy for them to figure out. As they get older, you’ll have to work harder to keep them on their toes with harder Riddles.

When considering tricky Riddles with answers for your child, think about how their brain works. Kids will be excited to put their heads together to decode the answers to these tricky questions. And you’ll be glad they’re engaged with an uplifting exercise that just involves a few laughs. Just because these Riddles are designed for kids, doesn’t mean adults won’t be scratching their heads, to

Tricky Riddles For Kids with Answers

Riddle Number 1:
I am rarely touched but often caught, and if you are smart you will use me well. What am i

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 2:
I am not alive but it seems because I dance and breathe without my legs or lungs. What am i

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 3:
There is language but it does not speak. She has no legs but sometimes walks.

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 4:
Who has green hair, round red hair, and a long thin white beard?

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 5:
Green but not a lizard, white without snow, and beard without a man.

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 6:
I have two legs, but they only touch the ground when I am resting. What am i

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 7:
It is smaller than the rest, but when you are happy, you raise it as if it were the best. what’s this?

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 8:
I am small, but when I am done, to set a city on fire. Let one letter disappear, then I can catch a herd of deer. Take another one-off, and then you’ll find that I was once all human.

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 9:
I am a sharp horse with a tail. The longer I run, the shorter my tail becomes. What am i

Riddle Answer:

25 Tricky Riddles For Kids Brainstorming And Scratching

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Riddle Number 10:
Everything that is eaten can kill the king. Destroy a city and crush the mountains?

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 11:
A thorny house with a small host. Sharp weapons lag behind in pain, so he remains unarmed, safe in his castle.

Riddle Answer:

Riddle Number 12:
As strong as love, more dangerous than cancer.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 13:
I am full of wisdom and knowledge. I get what you want in the blink of an eye. Man is known to be full of infinite wisdom. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 14:
I turn and turn and leave a loop. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 15:
I come in many shapes and colors. I sing in the air but live only for 7 months. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 16:
What do pandas have that no other animal has?

Riddle Answer:

Baby Panda.

Riddle Number 17:
Upstairs, under the roof, and I rarely get out of this place. Yet with each passing day. A new horizon greets my eyes.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 18:
Is it difficult to catch as fast as you run?

Riddle Answer:
Your breath.

Riddle Number 19:
This mother belongs to a family of eight, supports her children despite their weight, walks around uninvited, and has been holding you ever since you crawled.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 20:

There is a body without a heart. Who has a tongue and no head? He was buried before he was made, and speaks aloud and is still dead.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 21:

A shining field that reaches far. Yet it has no track, and it is crossed without routes.

Riddle Answer:

The sea

Riddle Number 22:

So beautiful and cool, so young and yet so old, alive but always dead, hungry even after feeding, will die of bleeding, or you will behead him.

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 23:

What can you put in a bucket of water to lighten it?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 24:

I can never steal from you. I belong to everyone. Some have more, some have less. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 25:
This old one always moves but never moves. It has neither lungs nor throat, but it still has a loud roar. what’s this?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 1:

What do people make that you can’t see?

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 26:

If I turn my head, you can go wherever you want, but if I turn again, you can stay and rot. What am i

Riddle Answer:


Riddle Number 27:
The one who cries without eyes or eyelids, his tears for the happiness of his sons and fathers. And when she laughs and doesn’t shed tears, does her laughter make all hearts sad?


Riddle Number 28:
An iron horse with a flexon tail. The faster a horse runs, the shorter its tail becomes.


Riddle Number 1:
What is it that runs but cannot walk?


Riddle Number 29:
What clothes for summer and sheds in winter?


Riddle Number 30:
Halfway up the hill, I see you, at last, lying beneath me with your voices and sights. A city in the twilight, dim and spacious, with smoky roofs, soft bells, and twinkling lights.

The past

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